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Smartphone cameras – they’re more than just point-and-shoot devices

The smartphone camera seems to be changing and improving so quickly that the latest model of our phone might come out before we know how to take advantage of all the features on our current device. Besides all the features already integrated into your device, tech-lovers are experimenting with their devices constantly to see what else they can do. Here are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious camera tricks you should know about.

Volume buttons

Did you know that hitting either volume button (in most iOS and Android models) with your camera open allows you to take a picture? This frees up your hands when trying to maneuver difficult selfies.  This function works typically with both the front-facing and back-facing cameras.

Similarly,  the volume buttons on headphones should have the same functionality; however, there seems to be more variability here between devices and headphones relative to this function.

Snapping in-transit

Most smartphones now come with a panorama; however, for a cool effect -rather than standing in one place and rotating the camera around you – try using the panorama function while moving in a car!

Smartphone cameras and telescopes

Surprisingly, if you place your smartphone camera lens up to a telescope lens you can actually capture a magnified image.

Multiple “You”s in one picture

Also using the panorama function, if you have someone else use this function with you in view, and you run behind them after they shoot your image, moving to a later position in their panoramic view, the picture will show two “you”s.

QR Code & Barcodes

All the major app stores offer barcode readers This is a very useful function, as it allows you to scan barcodes on packages, for example, as well as find additional information regarding just about any product.

Even more tips and tricks are located in the video above, and you can read more on PCMag and on the COOPH YouTube channel.