What Our Customers Are Saying:

I was expecting to pay $65 as quoted over the phone to repair my Samsung Tablet headphone jack except........ it cost me NOTHING! He was able to open it up and remove a lodged piece which was preventing me to use headphone or hear any sound. I will definitely be bacl for any electronics repair I need! - 8/9/2015

Shannon S.
My poor iPad Gen 4 fell and cracked it's screen. Fortunately I found these guys on yelp! I needed somewhere fast since its the iPad I use for work. Dropped it off for a screen replacement, and within 2 hours I got a text saying it was ready! Came out to about $107 for a new screen - way cheaper than having to replace the entire device. - 6/22/2015

Cecilia D.
I was at this place during my short lunch hour. The tech guy Byron was Awesome. He promised within an hour, but it was like only 45 mins. Great job. Thank you. - 7/13/2015

Paul W.
Super fast and incredibly courteous. Go here for anything and everything for your phone. Dudes are helpful, inexpensive, and convenient. I drank beer down the street for 20 minutes and then my phone was done. - 4/11/2015

Steven S.
I cracked my screen, they fixed it. It was $135 which is well worth not having to replace my phone. I got my phone back within an hour and they were super friendly and great. I would definitely come here again and would recommend it to everyone I know. The only problem I experienced was one of the screws on my phone wasn't tightened completely and so my back case fit weird, but no big deal I know how to use a screw driver. Wonderful shop.

Destiny L.
Took my daughter's iPad Mini 2 in with cracked screen. They replaced it in a couple of hours and charged less than the Apple Store. Very knowledgeable and professional!

George J.