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iPhone Tricks You Need to Know

The things our iPhones can do are amazing; however, what is the use of having so many technological advancements in the palm of your hand if you don’t that you have them or how to use them! Make sure you know these Apple tricks:

Set a timer … for your Music

Is there anything better than drifting off to sleep to you most relaxing playlist? Yes! You can set up a timer to stop playing music after a certain amount of time. No more waking up disoriented to your music playlist at 4AM.

Customized Vibrations

Yes, there are tons of vibration patters to chose from on the iPhone, but what if you want to customize your own? Well, you can by going to Settings>Sounds>Ringtones>Vibration>Create New Vibration. Here you can tap out your own personal vibration pattern.

Flash Alerts

Sometimes even a ringtone and vibration patter isn’t enough to catch your attention. Planning on a long night out in a crowded or loud location? Make sure you don’t miss any calls by enabling a flash alert notifications on your iPhone. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility to set up your camera’s LED.

The “Undo-Shake”

Made a mistake while typing a message? Want to undo your typing rather than repeatedly pressing that delete button? Shake it up instead! That is, just give your phone a shake and you will be prompted with a message asking if you would like to undo-typing.

Ram Clean-Up

In two easy steps you can clean up the RAM on your iPhone. (1) hold down the power button until you see the “slide to power off” prompt on your screen (2) hold down the home button until the screen goes blank and then your home screen re-appears.

Reveal Chat Time-Stamps

Did you know that there actually ARE time stamps hidden in the chat messages on your iPhone? To reveal the time stamps drag you thumb to the left anywhere on the chat screen and the time stamps relative to each message sent and received will appear.  

See “Recently Closed Pages” in Safari

Want to access a page you recently closed while browsing Safari on your iPhone? Its easy: (1) press the “new window” button in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen; (2) hold down the “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen and  a list of recent pates will appear.

From Compass to Level

That’s right! You have a level on your phone. The next time you are hanging paintings or installing shelves just open up the compass app on your phone and swipe left.

Saving Medical Information

When you fill in the Health up with critical health or emergency information a Medical ID button will appear on your dial screen ;however, be careful with what information you provide since this information is then available without needing to unlock your device. 

The Hard Reset

Is your phone frozen? Is it just giving you problems? When all else fails, try the hard reset. Hold down the home button and lock button at the same time until the white Apple symbol appears on the black screen. Your phone will restart.