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How to free up space on your iPhone

Is your iPhone starting to run low on storage? You can always free up space by deleting out-of-use apps, old pictures and music … but before you do that, check the settings on your phone to make sure you aren’t unnecessarily taking up space.

1. Text Messages

Stop saving those photos forever! Your phone default is set to store messages forever; however, this may or may not be convenient for you. You can change this default setting by opening Settings and selecting: Messages > Message History > Keep Messages. Here you can change the seeing from Forver to 1 Year or 30 Days. After changing this setting you will be prompted by a message asking if you wish to Delete Older Messages. Select to Delete. 


2. Photos

Make sure you are double-saving your photos! If you use the HDR mode a lot on your phone, will have noticed that two versions of photos are being saved automatically  – the HDR and normal version. But why save both? End this madness by opening Settings and selecting Photos & Camera and un-selecting Keep Normal Photo. 

3. Photo Stream

Photo Stream automatically uploads new photos via a Wi-Fi connection to all your iCloud-connected devices. However, it also takes up space that might be better used elsewhere. You can turn off Photo Stream by opening Settings, selecting Photos & Camera and un-selecting My Photo Stream or Upload to My Photo Stream. The Photo Stream photos will be deleted from your iPhone, however, will be saved on other iCloud- connected devices, as long as Photo Stream has been activated on those devices.

4. Browser Cache

Just like on your computer, it is also necessary to clear your browser cache periodically on your iPhone. Do this by opening Settings, selecting Safari and then Clear History and Website Data. 

5. Podcasts

Listening to podcasts can be a lifesaver on long commutes or keep your mind busy while you’re house cleaning. But ,they also take up a lot of space. Make sure you delete that podcast once you’ve finished listening by swiping left!