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Dear Apple, … 7 Ways to improve the iPad

ipad-improvementsMore Storage

It is a serious error for Apple to assume iPad users require or need less storage for their data, even if they also use iCloud. While iCloud is useful, iPad users frequently need to store things locally too for faster and mobile (un-wired) access to their stored data. iPad needs to better compete against its competitors offering more storage – especially hybrid, touch screen tablet computers.

More Processing Power

It is yet unknown what CPU model Apple with use in the next iPad. Will they adopt the A10X processor or the A11? Again, if they want to compete with the hybrid computers, a more powerful processor is likely key.

Bring the Design Innovation from the iPhone to the iPad

Major changes are in the works for iPhone 8 design – even more than what we saw from the iPhone 7. These design innovations need to come to the iPad as well. What about getting more screen space with a curved display, like we have seen with other smartphones on the market or coming soon? Getter thinner, lighter devices is great, but what about offering more diverse functionality through design?

iPad Pro Screen Sizes

Rumor has it that Apple is planning to announce 7.9-inch and 10.5-inch modes of the iPad Pro. Currently the Pro offers 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch display options. Really, the more screen size options the better, but don’t forget to keep those options available across the line.

We ALL Want Apple Pencils and Smart Keyboards

What about those of us that have perfectly functioning, and relatively recent iPads? Can’t we have Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support too? Obviously this would discourage customers from dumping their functioning device for a new iPad Pro, but … come on Apple! You may have your loyal customers hooked for now, but it pays to keep them happy in the long run.

Don’t Dump the iPad Mini

The fate of the iPad Mini is uncertain with the announcement of the 7.9-inch iPad Pro. There hasn’t been an iPad Mini release since the 4; however, taking the Mini off the market would cut out a segment of buys who want an iPad at a lower price.

A Better Camera

With all the modification and additions being made to the iPhone camera, iPad users are hoping to see similar modifications to the iPad camera.