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What advancements to expect from the 2017 smartphones

2017 smartphone advancementsIt seems like every year smartphone engineers are out doing themselves compared to the year before. 2017 will be another year packed full of innovating updates to our favorite Apple, Samsung, Google and LG devices. So, what are some of the novelties we have to look forward to this year?

Not just wireless headphones anymore … they’re going “jackless”

Apple was the first to remove the headphone jack entirely from the iPhone. This decision, as was expected, has now resounded throughout the industry spurring manufacturers to make similar modifications. This switch to wireless and digital audio now includes not only Moto Z and iPhone7, but will also be incorporated into (as is to be expected) the iPhone8 and the Galaxy S8. However, it doesn’t end there – not only will we see more phones moving to the removal of the headphone jack, but Android phones switching over the USB-C ports.

Cameras – why settle for one when you can have two? 

LG, Huawei and then Apple all introduced the dual camera to the smartphone in 2016; therefore, it is not a stretch to predict that a number of other smartphones will see this addition in the coming year. The dual camera is a pretty remarkable addition to these pocket-sized devices. The dual camera on the iPhone, for example, allows for analogue zoom for the first time, and also gives users the option of creating a bokeh effect in their images. It is unlikely that the camera innovations will end there.

Smarter Digital Assistance 

Siri is no longer the only competitor on the Digital Assistant market … well, this has been true for a while. But given the release of Pixel and Google’s remarkably responsive Google Assistant in late 2016, other companies will be pushing to catch up. We are expecting some real advancements in Digital Assistance technology from Samsung and Apple in the coming year.

Larger Aspect Ratios

The LG G6 smartphone is the first device to come out with an 18:9 (in other words, 2:1) aspect ration. This is a significant adjustment from the typical smartphone ratio of 16:9; however, it is expected that we will be seeing much more of this increased aspect ration in the coming year, se be prepared for a taller phone. e-handed usage.

Bye bye buttons

The rumors have been going around for some time about the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8, which significantly reduce the cell phone frame for a larger screen. We have seen, in the case of the iPhone, how the retention of the iconic home button has made screen size expansion somewhat challenging. However, there is much talk about the iPhone 8 finally ditching the home button so as to achieve a more compact phone while retaining a larger screen. Is all screen and no buttons the future of all smartphones – we’ll find out this year?